Fuck my life

In today’s what am I .. I was called a road roller and made fun of my size and then the word “it was all a joke” was appended like ippadiku in a letter …

I just can’t believe it.. How can a person make love to you in the morning the insult you directly and then add just say they are joking…

Oh and then one second later they don’t want you to be sad or angry because they are leaving out and your face might set a bad mood for them…

Why should I put up with this… Give me one good reason…


Faith Religion and Other related Stuff

There is a child. The child wants to play with fire. The mother is aware that it’s dangerous and should be stopped. What are the ways in which she can stop the child?

Way 1: Say it directly that fire will burn the child’s hand.

Way 2: Cite an example of an incident where someone got burnt because of playing with fire.

In way 1, when a child understands the truth behind the mother’s words it stops playing with fire.

Sometimes when way 1 fails the mother may resort to way 2. What if the child doesn’t listen even then. The mother may be forced to blow it out of proportion exaggerating the truth associating iy with something the child is afraid of. May be a ghost or dark or something. The intent of the mother is for the child to understand the truth that fire is dangerous and will burn the hands. The other details are irrelevant.

One may wonder why I’m speaking of all these things when the topic is religion and faith. The example I said is an analogy.

There is a truth and way of life. Let’s call it civilization. Anyone and everyone should behave in a manner which is not a problem to other. Don’t you agree. This way of life and truth is Advaitham. Pure truth. Those who understand this pure truth need not go for way 2 or 3. They just live their life morally. There are those who need some help in understanding the truth. So some examples some stories are told to us to help us understand, the mythologies and stories of Gods, how they went about in their life. Few don’t believe that so some out of proportion exaggerating is required in some cases which form the superstitions which are there today.

When a person holds on to the story and beliefs and the superstitions that come along with it but let’s go of the truth behind it the purpose is lost. When some argument of this nature comes out we need to think, is it an argument about the truth itself or the stories. Also each person understands differently. Even in our earlier example all children were not handled in the same way. Each brain is wired differently. So to each their own. How the person understands the truth is upto them.

So let’s live and love all there is. God bless.

No means No

Hi All

We have our Thala feeling coming up Nerkonda Paarvai which is the Tamil remake of Hindi movie “Pink”.

Now parallelly there is a show Bigg Boss happening in Tamil where topics touch the border of how a girl should be,victim blaming,etc.,

I have a few points on this:

Please read my point fully I beg you guys…

1. A girl can dress sexily or cover up. It’s her choice.

2. If a girl dresses provocatively a boy gets attracted. It is hormones and science. He can approach the girl to talk. Note and underline it to talk.

3. The biggest but here is he can advance sexually towards the girl or engage in coitus with the girl only with her consent. Even a hooker or your own wife is entitled to have a choice in whether she wants to have sex with a man or not.

This basic understanding needs to be there in the bigg boss house or the viewers who watch it. Getting attracted to girls is hormones. But raping that girl is violence and she is not to be blamed because of her dressing sense. Understand the difference. No means no.

P.S. I am a straight person so the references made above are purely having a straight couple in mind. The members of LGBTQ community can feel free to replace her/him wherever applicable.

Kumbalangi Nights

The movie was like a simple poem set in motion. The characters and artists were a treat to watch. The lives and emotions of broken families are captured realistically. But no matter how broken the family is everyone deserves a happy life 😀 Time heals and patches up everything…

Nendrampazham Morkozhambu

This is my try at Nendrampazham morkozhambu which is a gravy which can be mixed with rice and eaten.


Nendrampazham(cooking bananas called as cooking bananas ripe 2 numbers)

Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon

Rock salt as per taste

Green chillies 3 numbers

Coconut grated 3/4 cup

curd/Yogurt 1 cup

Coconut oil Mustard fenugreek and curry leaves for garnish


1. Heat the pan, add the cut slices of bananas, turmeric powder and salt.

2. Sprinkle some water and close the pan with a lid

3. Meanwhile grind a paste of he chillies a coconut

4. Once the bananas seem cooked add the paste and yogurt

5. Switch off flames once it comes to a boil

6. Garnish it with tempered mustard seeds curry leaves and fenugreek

Enjoy tasty Nendrampazham Morkozhambu with rice 😀

Body Shaming

I really find it hard to tolerate few people on earth… Seriously what is their fucking problem if I wear a Jean or Salwar.

I have given birth to a beautiful child just 9 months back and still haven’t got my periods. Also I’m not Kareena Kapoor to bounce back to normalcy in a matter of few days.

I agree my ass and boobs are bigger and my tummy is big but I feel that it’s my bloody problem and not anybody else’s.

I have dressed appropriately as per company dress code guidelines and wore a jean and normal fitted kurta top, nothing revealing or tight either. So what is the fucking problem.

Kakoos pona wash panna thani ila en dressing ah pathi pesa vantanunga…

Bye bye crazy, we are going to miss you like crazy

It’s so sad to hear that Crazy Mohan Sir has passed away. I remember my dad talk about this man and he couldn’t complete sentences without remembering any of his comedies and laughing about it .

He is known for his great sense of humour and timing comedy. He also performs in his dramas. Some of my favourite movies’ dialogues are written by this gentleman.

Being a TamBrahm certain jokes of his are even more funnier. Michael Madhana Kaama Rajan is hilarious and without Crazy I can’t think of another person being able to deliver that level of dialogues.

He will always live through his works…

Bye bye Crazy we will miss you like crazy…

Au Revoir Sir!

Remembering my favourites of his in no particular order

1. Avvai Shanmugi

2. Kadhala kadhala

3. Michael Madhana Kaama Rajan

4. Arunachalam

5. Vasool Raja

6. Satheelavathi

7. Thenali

8. Aboorva sagodharargal

9. Jerry

10. Poovelam ketupar

11. Pammal K. Samandham and it goes on..